October, 2023 Playlist

October, 2023 Playlist

Author: LucidMoth

Created: Oct. 1, 2023, 10:32 p.m.

Related Bands: Burning Witch Coffinworm Witch Mountain Yes I Am A Pirate

Happy October! Hope you're enjoying the changing of the seasons. This month we've got four tracks for the playlist that we hope you'll check out. 



Yes I Am A Pirate - Doomer Blues

Every track on this album is a sonic journey but our favorite is Doomer Blues. The song feels existential and dystopian; embracing darkness with saturated, heavy guitars.



Coffinworm - Sympathectomy

Every second of Sympathectomy is so brutal and relentless that you notice new artifacts, notes, and dynamics with each listen.



Burning Witch - Tower Place

Tower Place is a ritualistic, hypnotizing, and haunting song that sounds like a dreadful dirge. Static in texture, dynamic in composition, totally worth listening to.



Witch Mountain - Nighthawk

At just over 14 minutes long, this track really encapsulates the band’s signature down-tuned, pentatonic take on the genre. It’s everything you’d expect from a Witch Mountain track and so much more. 


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\__/ - LM