Year Formed: 2007

Active: Still Playing

Genre: Death Doom Doom Sludge

Label: Profound Lore



Coffinworm hails from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Coffinworm formed under the watchful eye of Choronzon during the autumnal equinox of 2007. The tale is not wholly dissimilar to that of many a band: five friends, gathered around a table for brews, discussed the desire to play music together. These bastards all shared musical interests, tastes, and ideologies. More importantly, they could stand to be around one another in shit and filth-caked basements for extended periods of time. And so it was decreed, and the birth of Coffinworm took place in a dingy basement in a dingier neighborhood. Songs were constructed, arranged, deconstructed, and ultimately solidified. It was not until the vernal equinox of 2008 that the first live assault was proffered forth. The band continued to gain momentum by playing live and constructing more tentacled hymns of doom and suffering to unleash.

It was decided that the musical incantations merited documentation, and the recording of Great Bringer Of Night began during the winter solstice of 2008, with executive war commander Iron Bob Fouts (The Gates of Slumber) manning the boards at Basement Rage studios. 3 of the songs recorded became the demo, and 2 were left unreleased. These recordings were handed over in a secretive dossier to Profound Lore Records, and a deal was struck: massive amounts of narcotics, prostitutes and Jesus porn in exchange for the master tapes of what is to become the When All Became None Lp, scheduled for release in the cursed year of our dog, 2010. Done deal. During the winter solstice of 2009 the band travelled to Volume Studios in Chicago to record with filth pusher Sanford Parker.