September, 2023 Playlist

September, 2023 Playlist

Author: LucidMoth

Created: Sept. 11, 2023, 9:11 p.m.

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Hello! This is our first run at our monthly playlist. Each month, we are going to pick some songs we think you might like. Some may be old news, and some might be brand new.


Either way, we hope you enjoy them. 


Here are the songs for September, 2023





FRIENDLY FIRE is blunt, furious, and borderline nihilistic. This song has been in frequent rotation since we bought it on Bandcamp a few weeks ago and made for an obvious first choice for this playlist. Shots fired.



Temple Of The Fuzz Witch - A Call to Prey


Temple Of The Fuzz Witch pretty much nails Blackened Doom with this track. This is one of those songs where the riff is so good that you don’t want it to stop. There are some really clever layers to this, between the melodic resolutions at the end and the very tasteful use of black metal vocals. It’s haunting and mean.



Full Of Hell, Primitive Man - Trepanation for Future Joys


This song is just suffocating and relentless, with so much saturation and feedback. Sonically reminiscent of Jesu in a way, even if it’s compositionally different.



SubRosa - Borrowed Time, Borrowed Eyes


SubRosa’s uncanny ability to blend melody and dramatic depth with manta riffs creates an ethereal experience with Borrowed Time, Borrowed Eyes. It seems like every time we hear this song there’s a new instrument or artifact we didn’t notice before. Absolutely beautiful.



Old Man Gloom - Burden


As far as supergroups go, Old Man Gloom is about as good as it gets. Burden is a deep-listening experience that is as tense as it is beautiful; atmosphere and intensity, and a perfect ending to the playlist. 


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\__/ - LM